AX 2012

How to Export Data from tables or view for Users Roles in AX 2012

static void jit_CreateExcelDocument(Args _args)
SysExcelApplication      xlsApplication;
SysExcelWorkBooks    xlsWorkBookCollection;
SysExcelWorkBook     xlsWorkBook;
SysExcelWorkSheets   xlsWorkSheetCollection;
SysExcelWorkSheet    xlsWorkSheet;
SysExcelRange            xlsRange;
CustTable                   custTable;
int                                row = 1;
str                               fileName;
SecurityUserRole            _SecurityUserRole;
SecurityRoleTaskGrant       _SecurityRoleTaskGrant;
SecurityTask                _SecurityTask;
SecurityRole                _SecurityRole;
UserInfo                    _UserInfo;
//UserPermission              _UserPermission;
fileName = "D:\\Jit.xlsx";
xlsApplication           = SysExcelApplication::construct();
xlsWorkBookCollection    = xlsApplication.workbooks();
xlsWorkBook              = xlsWorkBookCollection.add();
xlsWorkSheetCollection   = xlsWorkBook.worksheets();
xlsWorkSheet             = xlsWorkSheetCollection.itemFromNum(1);
xlsWorkSheet.cells().item(row,1).value("User Role");
xlsWorkSheet.cells().item(row,2).value("User Id");
xlsWorkSheet.cells().item(row,3).value("Legal Entity");
    while select _UserInfo
        while select _SecurityUserRole where
                while select _SecurityRole where _SecurityRole.RecId==_SecurityUserRole.SecurityRole

Error: Cannot create a record in Ledger (Ledger). Ledger name: (Company Code),(Legal Entity Name) . The record already exists."
Solution:This Errror Happen when we open GL->Setup->Ledger form after Import ledger setup or move legal entity.i just have workarround for this u need to open the ledger table. find a record with your current compnay (table have a record for each company).select correct legal entity recid in PrimaryForLegalEntity field .now  open the Ledger Form it will work fine.


Solution:In the following sections, you determine which AOS service account to debug the RDP class in and add the account to theMicrosoft Dynamics AX Debugging Users group. You create a server configuration with debug enabled and then you can add breakpoints in your code.

To determine the AOS service account

1.From the Start menu, point to All Programs, click Administrative Tools, and then click Services.
2. In Services, right-click the Microsoft Dynamics AX Object Server service and then click Properties.
3. In the Properties window, on the Log On tab, the AOS service account is specified in the This account field.

To add the AOS service account to the debug group

1. From the Start menu, point to All Programs, click Administrative Tools, click Computer Management, and then click Local Users and Groups.
2. In Local Users and Groups, double-click Groups, right-click Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugging Users and clickAdd to Group.
3. In the Properties window, click Add and add the AOS service account to the group.
4. Restart the machine.

To configure for debugging

1. From the Start menu, point to Administrative Tools and then click Microsoft Dynamics AX Server Configuration.
2. In Microsoft Dynamics AX Server Configuration Utility, click the Manage button, and then click Create configuration.
3. In the Create Configuration window, enter a Configuration name like Debug and then click OK.
4. On the Application Object Server tab, select Enable breakpoints to debug X++ code running on this server andEnable global breakpoints to debug X++ code running in batch jobs.
5. Click OK and when prompted to restart the AOS service click Yes.
6. From the Start menu, point to All Programs, click the Microsoft Dynamics AX folder, and then click the Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugger.
7. From the Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Workspace, from the Tools menu, click Options. On theDevelopment tab, click the Debug mode dropdown, and then select When Breakpoint.