Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Phase of Implemantation

Partner accomplishments during phase
·                       Evaluates a customer's business processes and infrastructure
·                       Prepares a proposal
·                       Analyzes the current business model
·                       Produces a gap/fit analysis
·                       Creates the requirements documentation
·                       Feature design
·                       Data migration design
·                       Test criteria
·                       Technical design
·                       Develops the features
·                       Tests the features and functions
·                       Creates and tests the user documentation
·                       Sets up the production environment
·                       Configures the system
·                       Migrates data
·                       Tests the system
·                       Trains the end-users
·                       Gets the system up "live"
·                       Clears pending issues
·                       Finalizes the user documentation and knowledge transfer
·                       Conducts a post-mortem of the project
·                       Provides on-going support
The activities involved in this phase are on-going activities performed after project close and throughout any future involvement with the client.
·                       Analyzes the system to determine how it can best be optimized for the customer's needs
·                       Performs the optimization
·                       Tests
The purpose of this phase is to help the customer refine the benefit they get from the business solution. Many times, after the implementation project is complete, customers desire minor changes to their system. This phase understands that need and supports the Customer for Life scenario.
·                       Reviews the customer's business processes
·                       Aligns the business processes to new functionality
·                       Sets the systems in place to support the upgrade
·                       Creates value to maintain a Customer for Life scenario

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