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POS, EPOS, CAL, Light User, External Connector

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Here basic definition of   POS, EPOS, CAL, Light User because its very necessary to distinguish these all

rather than to guessing around and thinking that many of them are same.its impact hard in license pricing.

                                                      Basic Definition and architecture

In the most basic sense, a Point of sale (POS) system is a Glorified Cash Register. The most basic POS system consists of a computer, a cash drawer, receipt printer, a monitor, and an input device such as a keyboard or scanner.
Point of sale (POS) can do some incredible things for your retail business and can help you to improve your Business. It tracks inventory, creates accurate pricing, and generates reports in seconds .The right POS system will give you a new level of control over your operations, increasing efficiency, boosting profits, and helping you fine-tune your business model and growth.
Switching from a traditional cash register to a computerized POS system is a bit difficult task - but many factors to consider and some pitfalls to avoid. However the Return Of Investment (ROI) and benefits to your business can really make it worth your time and effort.
POS system saves money, provide productivity gains, increases efficiency and accuracy in database, and can cut down the amount of time you spend away from the primary focus of your business. Less time with more productivity.

EPOS is an electronic point of sale. An EPOS solution uses computers or specialized terminals that can be combined with other hardware, such as barcode readers, cash draws etc for accurately and instantly capturing the sale / transaction
EPOS software's are used for the business purpose that has regular sales such as retailers, hotels, wholesalers etc. Software of this type offers fast and accurate results and product information, helps in increasing the business efficiency and increases a level of customer satisfaction and therefore becomes very valuable to every business that has sales.
EPOS is an electronic point of sale. EPOS software is software connected with computer that can be combined with other hardware, such as barcode readers, cash draws etc for accurately and instantly capturing the sales/transaction

                                                                   Light User
Microsoft's Light User licensing for Dynamics AX attempts to meet these broader employee needs with access the critical business data from AX without a full user license, Dynamics Tech Specialist ERP, Microsoft Corp., in a webinar devoted to the Dynamics AX Light User License.
The Microsoft Dynamics AX Light User is a partial-access license for Dynamics AX, a lower cost way to give employees access to Microsoft Dynamics data, according to the company. Using the Microsoft Dynamics AX Light User license, employees can interact with Microsoft Dynamics financial, human resources, and operational information within the Microsoft Office software they use everyday including Excel, Outlook, and Word.

Licensing software with Client Access Licenses can be complicated due to the technical nature of server products and networks. Microsoft offers a device-based CAL (Device CAL) or a user-based CAL (User CAL) for purchase. In addition, an External Connector (EC) license is offered for some products as an optional alternative to address specific customer scenarios.
This overview is for reference purposes only. Before purchasing, you should visit the "How to Buy" section for each product and consult your Microsoft representative or local reseller regarding your specific licensing needs.
User CALs
With the User CAL, you purchase a CAL for every user who accesses the server to use services such as file storage or printing, regardless of the number of devices they use for that access. Purchasing a User CAL might make more sense if your company employees need to have roaming access to the corporate network using multiple devices, or from unknown devices, or simply have more devices than users in your organization.

Client Access License based on user

Device CALs
With a Device CAL, you purchase a CAL for every device that accesses your server, regardless of the number of users who use that device to access the server. Device CALs may make more economic and administrative sense if your company has workers who share devices, for example, on different work shifts.
Client Access License based on device

External Connectors
If you want external users—such as business partners, external contractors, or customers—to be able to access your network, you have two licensing options:
  • Acquire CALs for each of your external users.
  • Acquire External Connector (EC) licenses for each server that will be accessed by your external users.
External Connector licensing
An external user is a person who is not an employee or similar personnel of the company or its affiliates, and is not someone to whom you provide hosted services. An EC license assigned to a server permits access by any number of external users, as long as that access is for the benefit of the licensee and not the external user. Each physical server that external users access requires only one EC license regardless of the number of software instances running. An "instance" is an installed copy of software.
The right to run instances of the server software is licensed separately; the EC, like the CAL, simply permits access. The decision on whether to acquire CALs or an EC for external users is primarily a financial one.
Server Licensing Not Requiring CALs
Some server products are available to be licensed on a "per processor" or "per instance" basis.
Per Processor Licensing
CALs, or Internet Connector Licenses.
Software licensed by processor

Specialty Server Licensing
Specialty Server licensing is a commonly used model. Specialty Servers are server-only licenses that also do not require CALs. Specialty Servers require a server license for each instance of the server software running on a server. An example of this is Microsoft Office SharePoint Server for Internet Sites. You can run the instance in a physical or virtual operating system environment. By exception, some products provide more specific use rights.


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