Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Import Vendors/Customers with their primary address by Template in Ax 2009
It is general issue that when we import Customer/Vendor, address tab is not updated normaly.
but following step  remove this issue, try this!!!!
1. Create template from Wizard Also select the ‘Create supporting table worksheet’ check box. This will create the lookup values for selection in the template worksheet .
2.  Number sequence is selected for the address book ID cannot be set up as continuous.
  3.  Fill mandatory  field invalid form which may be verify by lookup sheet
4.   Leave address book id blank and in address book type id set to organization
5.   Pick definition group that is created by wizard and apply import criteria
6.   In the Table Setup dialog click import criteria tab and add following code
vendTable.insert();// custTable.insert(); for customer
return false;//// to bypass the standard AX data import code
7. Click on compile button which is on right side
This check ur code
8. Click preview to verify the field values that are in Excel
9. Select the definition group which you created and verify file name and click on import verify file name again otherwise reselect.
10. Ignore no data imported info log it’s because we bypass the standard  code
11. Check the address button on vendor/customer and verify the data

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