Monday, August 13, 2012

Creating Role and Policy for user in AX 2012

Task : Create a new policy for the data security(user having particular role can see only those customers which group is 20 )

Step 1. Create Query and assign its range as shown in below screen shot
Step 2. Open Security node in AOT
Step 3. Create new priviledge and add all entry point which you want to assign
Step 4. Create new duty and attach created priviledge
Step 5. Create new role and attach created duty
Step 6. Create new policy and add role and query to this as shown in below screen shot so that all user having this role can see only those customer which have gust group 20.
Step 7. Asign this policy to any user and check the credential

 Security Architecture :

Basically security node  has meny objects some are used for authorization and other for data security as shown in below screen shot

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