Friday, October 5, 2012

How to Enable or disable any report Section (header, Footer, Page Header, Page Footer etc.) by X++ in Ax 2009

As we know in report Section (header, Footer, Page Header, Page Footer etc) property does not exist visible node so we can do that from following code by writing this in fetch method according to the logic

        reportSection ='PageFooter');
        this.enablePageFooter(); // this is used to enable page footer
        this.disableSection(PageFooter);// used for Report section


  1. Hi Jiten
    Nice to see ur blog updates
    Good Work

    Arun S Kumar

  2. Hello

    I need to provide User a comb selection option in The SSRS reporting end so that they can
    select "Show Report Header-Footer/Hide Report Header-Footer".
    How can I implement that using X++?

    Any clue please.


  3. hi i need to print the page footer in every page to draw a line at end except last page and if report the report generate only one page output ... how can i do that .. please explain deeply....