Saturday, January 5, 2019

Error after clicking on “ Show all fields” in Dynamics AX

Recently i noticed that "show all fields" functionality is not working on Vendor Inter company form. After further investigation i came to know that this functionality is working on most of the form . However, for few forms it through below error.

I do some research and find that there is a bug in system in below method.

This is bug in system. Actually any form name can not be more than 40 char. but in our case '_ShowAllRecords_' is 55 char (InterCompanyTradingRelationSetupCustomer(40), _ShowAllRecords(15)) and hence system throw above error.

As work around I removed _ShowAllRecords and now this functionality is working for intercompany form.

Secondly there is also few KB in LCS that can be explored for permanent solution.

I hope above post help to resolve this issue.

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