Friday, January 18, 2013

Ax 2012 CU3 Upgrade from AX 2012

CU3 Upgrade process flow

Hi freinds we are again here to jump in an interesting stuff that is upgrade to CU3 from Ax 2012 or Ax 2012 feature pack and if you are thinking abt R2 upgrade it will help you because for R2 upgrade first we have to upgrade it to CU3.

Note: Take your production backup before start the upgrade

  1. Following are the steps to upgrade AX 2012 Feature pack to AX 2012 CU3  Record the Kernel and Application before run cu3 setup

2.   Run CU3 setup without selecting data base

3. Following screen shot indicate all selected component installed without any error or warning

4.  Run the following utility command to update the schema

a. For Stand alone system
             axutil.exe schema /db: target model database name

b. For 3 tier architecture 
                    axutil.exe schema /db: target model database name /s:server name


5. Rerun the setup with data base selection

6. Choose concern Server and data base

7. Following screen prompt when start the AX 2012

8.    After clicking ok on the prompt screen it will open check list and also explicitly we can open check list with following path

System Administrator -> Check list -> Software update checklist 
Following screen shot shows all the check list component completed
9. We can analyze the upgrade version from the following screen which now changed after the installing CU3 and running the check list

After the CU3 upgrade now we can upgrade it to R2 too.

Happy DAXing !!!!

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