Monday, January 21, 2013

Data partition in Ax 2012 R2

Hi freinds we are jump in the another interesting fact of the AX 2012 R2.
i.e. new feature of AX 2012 R2

Data Partition in Ax 2012 R2: 
It is a powerful feature of the Ax 2012 R2 .Just for the every installation there is a default legal entity "DAT", same there will be default partition called “Initial". and we can also make other partition too to seperate application data.
Couples of the feature associated with partition are as:
  •  It has been achieved by introducing a new table property  i.e. "SaveDataPerPartition" on the tables.
  • A data partition helps sharing the Ax install base but not the data
  • There can be companies with the same name in multiple partitions.
  • Intercompany doesn’t work across partitions
  • The companies between two partitions cannot be merged and Intercompany features cannot be used. The only option is to use Data migration tool kit for data export import between partitions
  • we can know the current partition through ‘getcurrentpartitionrecid()’ similar to ‘curext()’
  • We can create company with same name in different partition.
  • Share System Data like Batch Job, AIF port etc. Across the Partition
  • Share Application Data like User, Product, Location, Parties etc. within the partition
Happy DAXing !!!

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