Friday, January 18, 2013

Upgrade from Ax 2012 to AX 2012 R2

In-Place upgrade Ax 2012 R2:

Hi freind it's really good news that Ax 2012 R2 launched now with strong feature but same time it create new task for that customer which already have running AX 2012 and AX 2012 feature pack
that is upgrade these version to AX 2012 R2. For this we have first upgrade Ax 2012 or Feature pack to AX 2012 CU3 and then follow the following steps-- 

The recommended approach for the in-place upgrade(upgrade from ax 2012 or ax 2012 feature pack to Ax 2012 R2) requires three system as:
1. Production: Existing system which you want to upgrade
2. Test: Copy of the production system to upgrade data base architecture
3. Development: to upgrade the code and metadata

Process flow through the above architecture are as--

Step 1:
In the earlier version we have the business data and model stores in the same data base
So in the first step on the test system data will split in the two different data base one is business data and other is model stores.
Note: But in this process all the additional component like EP, Reporting services, Analysis service and retail component does not exist on the test system, Means add only Database, AOS, Debugger and Client while run AX 2012 R2 setup.

After running the R2 setup export the Upgraded models

Steps 2:
 Make duplicate copy of test on the development system and upgrade customer models

Steps 3:
Import the upgraded model on the test system and complete the data upgrade in the test system

Step 4:
Run the setup on the production system and complete the checklist
At the time running check list use the upgraded data and the models

Steps 5:
Upgrade the additional components like EP, Reporting Services etc

Steps 6:
Upgrade the Clients

Happy DAXing !!!!


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